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Krom Mutfak was established in 2004 by Aybars Şendur who has been one of the most important businessmen in industrial kitchen sector since 1978. Since its foundation, Krom Mutfak has advanced confidently via the lead of experience, with young and modernist and self-enhancement understanding. KROOM, CR DESIGN and KROOMED, are three sub brands of Krom Mutfak. Since 2004, Krom Mutfak has produced open buffet systems and branded as CR DESIGN, and Since 2012 KROOM has been used for industrial kithcen products' brand and KROOMED has been introduced as the brand of stainless steel medical equipments. Krom Mutfak is an industrial incorporation with its high-tech CNC ( Computer Numerical Control ) machines and efficient factory production line, and also an industrial incorporation which gives project, selling and consultancy services as being distributor and dealer of many import and domestic brands Krom Mutfak is a group company which is working in the industrial kitchen sector by producing industrial kitchen equipments, making projects and giving consultation for social and touristic facilities, hotels, motels, holiday resorts, schools, universities, colleges, hospitals, factories, restaurants, cafes and etc. with direct selling, implementing and after-selling services. Making the most suitable and efficient project in respect to the specified place of customer according to its own details and architectural requirements is the most important aspect of the specialized and experienced technical staff of Krom Mutfak. Since its foundation, the aim of Krom Mutfak is to reach perfection in its products and services in order to create efficient kitchens and to please business owners and their workers. Krom Mutfak, certified its product and management system with TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Certificate, continues to develop the quality of its service and production system each passing day as reliable corporate understanding for its business partners, solution partners and customers.



“Pancar OSB. 5.Cadde, No:1, Torbalı, İZMİR, TURKEY”

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“Ayberk ŞENDUR”


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